Klosterhagen Hotel is set up primarily to offer work training and work clarification for people in need of assistance on their way back to an ordinary work life. We exist both for those who are interested in working at a hotel in the future, and for those who see the hotel as an opportunity for general work training on their way towards a career in other fields providing service.

The hotel is run as an ordinary hotel which receives guests just the same way as other hotels. At the same time, our permanent employees work both with the daily management of the hotel and as supervisors for the participants of the work training project.

Employees equivalent to about 9 full-time positions are connected to the hotel. Additionally, at least 20 people participate in work training simultaneously. Participants are referred to the hotel by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Services (NAV).

At the hotel, work training is possible within the areas of reception, kitchen, service, cleaning, laundry and maintenance work, as well as preparing for meetings, conferences and parties.

The goal of the work training is to return to ordinary work. The duration is different for each individual, and depends on the participant’s background, as well as effort and motivation.

We aim to be a place where people in work training can utilize their potential in a positive way. We want to contribute to make our participants experience that they master their work and can be proud of what they achieve. We believe that respect, openness and perspicuity are vital factors for us to succeed.

We put much effort in making the hotel a good place to stay for our guests. If our guests are happy and pleased, it also leads to the best  foundation possible for a good work training environment.

The inspiration for the hotel is a similar project in Copenhagen, which today is run with great success. Please see Hotellet Vesterbro.

Klosterhagen Hotel is developed by and belongs to ALF A/S, Senter for arbeidslivsforberedelse (Centre for Work Life Preparation). See also ALF A/S’ web pages.

If you are interested in work training at Klosterhagen Hotel, you can contact Bente Kuven Osland on phone +47 930 23 541.