What do we do?

Social responsibility

As a hotel that revolves around a work training, it is important that we stand out as a good example regarding the decisions we make on the subject of important topics such as the environment, sustainability, and the corporate social responsibilities. Even though we are small of size, this does not mean that our efforts and routines does not matter. We strive to motivate both our employees and our guests to make good conscious choices regarding the environment not only at our hotel, but also in their everyday lives, now and in the future. Throughout this page, we will present what we do to influence the environment in a positive direction.

The United Nations Sustainable Development goals

We have the following focus areas:

Much of the work we do is in line with UN’s sustainability goals, and we strive to continually work to meet some of these requirements. We might be but a drop in the ocean, but we believe and hope that this little drop can make a significant change for many. Together with excellent partners in addition to the benevolence and cooperation of employees and guests, we believe even more goals can be achieved.

Good health and quality of life

From time to time some of the participants in our work training program struggle with addiction, in the form of narcotics and-or alcohol. Klosterhagen Hotel often becomes their haven, where in turn we witness how everyday routines can help keep the cravings in check. We have zero tolerance for use of drugs in the workplace, both among participants and employees.

Current sub-goals:

Sub-goal 3.5

Strengthen prevention and treatment of drug use, such as abuse of narcotics and harmful use of alcohol.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Our goal is that all participants in the work training program on a long term will acquire enough expertise and motivation to eventually get back to the work force. As we practise practical training, vocational subjects are the most relevant for our participants. We strive for equal gender roles, and respect and accommodate (to the extent possible) our participants’ wishes and dreams for the future, ranging from learning to read Norwegian to taking a degree at university.

Current sub-goals:

Sub-goal 4.4

By 2030, achieve a significant increase in the number of young and adults with competence, amongst others in technical and vocational subjects, which are relevant for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship.

Sub-goal 4.5

By 2030, abolish gender differences in education and training and ensure equal access to every level of education and vocational training for vulnerable groups, including people with impaired functional abilities, indigenous people, and children in vulnerable situations.

Sub-goal 4.6

By 2030, Ensure that all youth and a considerable number of adults, both women and men, learn to read, write, and calculate.

Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all

Klosterhagen Hotel is mainly operated to help people return to work. The rewards are great and many; Our participants get an increased quality of life, a more stable economy, and maybe for the first time, prospects. This in return benefits Norwegian businesses and the economy. Instead of receiving support from the government (NAV), they get to earn their own money and contribute to society. It is also important to us that immigrants (especially females) are familiar with their rights in the labour market, so that they can function well in an ordinary job.

Current sub-goals:

Sub-goal 8.1

Maintain an economic growth per capita which correlates to the conditions of the respective countries, and in particular a growth in GDP of at least 7% per year in the least developed countries

Sub-goal 8.5

By 2030, achieve a full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including youths and people with impaired functional abilities, and achieve equal pay for equal work.

Sub-goal 8.6

By 2030, significantly reduce the number of youths that are not employed, not in education or training.

Sub-goal 8.8

Protect labour rights and promote a safe and secure working environment for all workers, including immigrants and especially female immigrants, and workers in an unsafe working relationship.

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable

We are committed to environmentally friendly solutions (see our measures further down the page), and encourage both our participants and employees to help reduce the consumption of non-environmentally friendly goods and products, both at work and in their spare time. We want our guests to take advantage of cultural attractions that are least burdensome on the environment.

Current sub-goals:

Sub-goal 11.4

Strengthen efforts to protect and secure the world’s cultural and natural heritage

Sub-goal 11.6

By 2030 reduce the negative environmentally influence by cities and local communities (measured per citizen), with particular emphasis on air quality and waste management in official or private capacity.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Klosterhagen Hotel is concerned with reducing food waste where possible, and by actively using TooGoodToGo, we can significantly reduce food waste. This has a direct effect on the amount of residual waste on a daily basis, while our neighbours have the opportunity to enjoy a meal that otherwise would have been thrown away. We use cleaning detergents without harmful chemicals – often only soap and/or water. This makes the air cleaner and the water healthier.

Current sub-goals:

Sub-goal 12.3

By 2030, halve the food waste per citizen worldwide, both in retail and among consumers, and reduce waste in the production and the supply chain, including waste after harvesting.

Sub-goal 12.4

By 2020, we will achieve more environmentally friendly management of chemicals and all forms of waste throughout the life cycle, in accordance with internationally adopted frameworks, and significantly reduce the release of chemicals and waste to air, water and soil to as much as possible limit the harm to public health and the environment

Sub-goal 12.3

By 2030, reduce the amount of waste significantly through prevention, reduction, material recycling and reuse.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”

Mother Teresa

Environmental cooperation

We have partners who help us implement the most appropriate measures to improve the environment.

Eco Lighthouse

We are currently in the process on becoming a certified Eco Lighthouse company. This is an important certification that proves that we are actively working on sustainable solutions. Both companies and individuals expect to take sustainability to a greater extent than before, and we will of course be part of this process. Many of the criteria have already been met – now only the paperwork remains! Our goal is to become certified by the end of 2020.


Zero Waste is a Bergen-based company which was founded by Kristine Ullaland in 2016. Klosterhagen Hotell joined as one of her pilot projects back then, and the cooperation has been maintained ever since. Zero Waste focuses on effective solutions to minimise waste at the workplace, and have assisted the hotel in finding better and improved solutions in regards to waste reduction. All staff (both permanent employees and participants at the work training program) have been given courses in how to see new environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in their workplace, and how to implement them. Some of our measures will be described further down the page.

Too Good To Go

To reduce food waste derived from our breakfast buffet, Klosterhagen Hotell is active on the app Too Good To Go. People can pick up food in the form of surprise packages, and enjoy a good meal at a low price. The offer is especially popular as today’s lunch for many.

What we do for the environment

Not all sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions are visible to our guests and partners. We will therefore share some of our routines and measures here.


  • We encourge our guests to reuse their towels, and less frequent linen change if the guest stays over several days.
  • Recycling in the guest rooms
  • You will not find disposable items in the bathroom.


  • Only hot water is used when mopping floors
  • Soap and detergents are labelled with The Swan certification and are without dangerous additives that lead to harmful discharges into the ocean.
  • We recycle cardboard, paper, glass and metal, plastic, hazardous and combustible waste.
  • The cash-back for bottles are set aside to joint social activities to improve the working environment of our participants in the work training program.
  • Old pillows, duvets, lampshades and other fabric material are distributed to our hand craft department in ALF who use this in their production.


  • If possible, we use leftover food to make new meals. One example is oranges that are no longer good enough to make orange juice from, are given new life in an orange marmalade.
  • We use, to the extent possible, local raw materials from small suppliers
  • We order food on a day-to-day basis and not with the purpose of filling the freezer
  • We focus on home-cooked food
  • We are working to implement compost for our food waste
  • Food is stored in plastic boxes to reduce the use of aliminium foil or plastic wrap.
  • We have replaced regular baking paper with baking paper made of silicone, which may be re-used.


  • You won’t find disposable items (in cardboard or plastic) in our breakfast room
  • Most candle lights are rechargeable and electric

Front desk

  • We have replaced post-its with homemade patches from unused print sheets.

Help us get better

We need inspiration and good ideas to contribute even more to reaching the UN sustainable development goals and in general to become more sustainable. Feel free to contact us if you have any good tips to come up with, or some good or bad experiences regarding sustainability upon your visit.