Klosterhagen Hotel ’s goal is to offer their guests a tasty breakfast based on home made and local food.

Historically, Munkeliv monastery was supplied with food from more than 300 farms around the district. We wish to maintain this tradition by focusing on local and national products as much as possible, and at the same time tell the story behind the food we serve.

We bake our own bread, boil our own jam and press our own juice to give our guests the best possible start to their day. Our guests agree:

“Breakfast was plentiful with an amazing choice to suit any diet or taste. I was particularly taken with the variety of fish available. The hotel prides itself on their use of local and home made produce, all of which was delicious.”  – Pulley, June 2017

“Loved the breakfast – wide range of delicious, home-made offerings – actually the best breakfast we’ve found in any moderately priced hotel in numerous trips through Europe ” – Gwen, June 2017

“Made my friends jealous every day – and they stayed at a 4star near the harbour… Quiet room, extremely friendly staff and again: best breakfast in town!” – Nicolai, June 2017